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4 thoughts on “Mailing List

  1. Marcio Costa

    Hello there.
    I’m brazilian and I’m going to Charlottesville for my vacation. I would like to know if is there some running between 18-29 october.
    Tks guys!

    1. Christian Dahlhausen

      Hi Marcio!
      We have weekly group runs on Tuesday’s around Charlottesville which you are welcome to join on the 18th and 25th. Locations vary each week so it’s best to check the mailing list the day before. Feel free to reply to emails if you need directions or a ride too.

      I am not sure when you are leaving on the 29th but we do have our annual CATHalf Trail Half-Marathon close to Charlottesville too!

      Hope you can make it out! Charlottesville is a running town with lots of options!


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