Trail 50K Training Program — Kickoff Meeting January 4th!

Crozet Running and the CATs present the 2017 Trail 50K Training Program!

Love nature? Love running and hiking? Have you been considering what’s next in your fitness journey? Come join the Charlottesville Area Trail Runners and Crozet Running as we host our second annual Trail 50k Training Program!

  • What: A free, 17-week training program to prepare for a late spring trail 50k race, Promise Land 50K on Saturday April 29th, 2017. This program is co-sponsored by both the Charlottesville Area Trail Runners and Crozet Running. There will be two information sessions and then weekly long group runs on the trails on weekends. We will provide a training program, personal guidance, and an “ultra handbook”, as well as plenty of inspiration!
  • When: There are two kickoff/information sessions:
    • Wednesday Jan 4th, 7pm at Crozet Running
    • Saturday Jan 7th, at 5pm in Richmond (see below!)
  • Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this program. Many people run their first trail 50k without ever having run a marathon, or even a half marathon. However, we do recommend that you are at least able to run for an hour straight and running at least 3-4 times per week.
  • Follow: Much of the group run organization and communication will happen via the CATs Facebook group. as well as through email. We encourage you to join us on Facebook and utilize our social media network for questions, discussion, and up-to-date information sharing.

More details:

The CATs and Crozet Running are proud to present our Trail 50k Training Program. This is a 17 week training program, starting with the information sessions at either Crozet Running or in Richmond (see below) and finishing with the Promise Land 50k Trail Race, a beautiful trail ultra in the mountains just west of Lynchburg, Virginia on Saturday April 29th.

This program is designed for those who are considering running their first trail ultramarathon, but will also be relevant to those who are experienced ultra runners who are looking to improve their performance. We will provide a training plan, an “Ultra Handbook” and will host weekly trail long runs, mostly in the mountains just west of Charlottesville/Crozet.

The kickoff information sessions will include a presentation on “Running your first 50K” and a Q and A session.

This program is free and is intended to encourage more people to start trail running, and to show that ultramarathons are indeed a very accessible and doable goal! So if you like nature, running, mountains, and making great friends, come out to one of our kickoff sessions and learn more!


For our Richmond friends:

Join our Richmond kickoff on Saturday January 7th at 5pm, starting with the RVA Monthly Trail Run hosted by Mark Guzzi (aka Mark IsCool) at the Pump House Drive trailhead.

Yes, bring a headlamp/flashlight and join us for a run on the James River trail system under the cloak of darkness! This will give you a good workout and be fun at the same time. The RVA MTR is an easy-paced 6-7 mile run in which there are experienced trail runners and a sweeper to keep the group intact. They run short segments, re-group, then move on to the next regroup location. Nobody gets dropped or left behind!

After the run, we’ll convene at Carytown’s Garden Grove Brewing Company where John Andersen of Crozet Running will talk about the 50K Training Program.

The run will start at the Pump House Drive trailhead, which is immediately adjacent to the Boulevard Bridge toll plaza.

If you can’t make the run, we will probably be at Garden Grove Brewing Co around 6:30pm-ish!

We are bringing this to the RVA because we want to spread our love for trail running and we know many people from Richmond head west to our mountains to run. This is a great way for our trail running communities to unite and grow!


If you have any questions about this program, feel free to email John – We hope to see you there!

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