Rip Rap/Wildcat Loop 1.5 times

Yesterday, Rebecca and I got to enjoy the extremely nice weather on a tour of the Riprap/Wildcat trail loop that branches off the AT inside the Shenandoah National Park. The loop was Rebecca’s idea. I had never done it before and couldn’t believe how beautiful it turned out to be, especially the rocky ridge run that then descends down to the gorge, waterfall, and swimming hole.

Our goal was to do the loop twice for about 19 miles, but time constraints and some tired feet and butt (mine) gave Rebecca the idea to stop at the swimming hole on the second go-around, soak sore extremities/trunk, and then head back up the way we came.

So we ended up doing just under 16 miles with 3,788 feet in elevation gain.

By the way, haven’t we seen pictures of this swimming hole before via Sophie? It is heaven!

5 thoughts on “Rip Rap/Wildcat Loop 1.5 times

  1. AvatarSophie Speidel

    Love that trail! In fact, pencil in Sunday, May 29 for a Sugar Hollow-Rip Rap-Turk Branch circuit (about 20 miles). We’ll visit the super secret swimming hole too.


  2. AvatarDavid C.

    I was wondering that yesterday. . .Meant to tell the story to Rebecca. Funny thing is we saw two guys from the Valley, not far from valley trailhead, who were searching for two “coon dogs” that they had lost.

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