New Years Resolution Rendezvous Run!

For all of you who were running the Winter Solstice Run last weekend and thought, “gee, these CATS are cool and fun, and I wanna run more trails with them in the new year” or “gee, that CAT Mike Stadnisky looks cool in the Santa gear and I wanna run like him” or even “I need to run more long miles in the mountains on trails in 2012″…do we have a run for you!

What: The second annual CAT Resolution Rendezvous Run with the CATS, the Harrisonburg Ridge Runners, Hash Runners, and generally cool runners from the Valley

When: Sunday, 1/1/12 at 9:00 SHARP for the C’Ville runners leaving from Sugar Hollow; and 9:30 SHARP for the H’burg/Valley runners leaving Madison Run Fire Road off Rte 340. If you arrive late, follow the trails to the Blackrock Summit of the AT. We will rendevous promptly at 10:50 am atop Blackrock Summit. Bring the map attached below!

Who: the CATs and H’burg/Valley crew (see above) and anyone who would like to try a low key but very fun mountain run

How far? This is a lollipop run with great flexibility of distances. Some folks may want to run to the Blackrock meeting point and then return home (about 14 miles round trip for the CVille folks, shorter for the H’burg folks). The whole Doyles River/Jones Run lollipop is 24 miles for the Cville runners, and about 21 miles for the Hburg crew. Of course, you can turn around whenever you want, but you will be having so much fun that it will be hard to leave the party!

What to bring: Enough water for 3+ hours for the 14 milers, and 4-5 hours for the 24 milers. Plus gels and food of your choice. In other words, bring your own stuff.

Map: PRINT these maps and bring them. We are running to Blackrock and then north towards Jones Run via the AT.

Happy Holidays from the CATS! 

Any questions? email Sophie at (C’Ville folks) or Jack Broaddus at (Valley folks)

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