CATass 50k

While many of our friends will be running the VT100 on July 19, those of us left behind can have our own fun at the CATAss 50k. Created as a training run for Western States by our friend Andy Jones-Wilkins, the CATAss is a true Fat Ass in that there is no fee, no T shirts, no wimps and no whining. There will be water and heckling at miles 5, 12 ( a spring), 19, and 25, and the requisite post-run story telling, eating, and drinking.

The course combines the New Year Day Rendevous Run with the Harry Landers Special. First, runners will run to Blackrock from Sugar Hollow:

Then they will head north from Blackrock on the AT and run the Doyle’s River and Jones Falls Loop CCW:

They will return to Blackrock on the AT and continue south to Turk Branch Trail and the finish at Sugar Hollow:

More details will be forthcoming. If you are looking for a solid, hot, hilly, beautiful training run for your fall ultras, come join us at the CATAss 50k.

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