Board Election 2019-11

We have two CATs Board positions up for vote. The first position is to fill the seat that will be left vacant by Amanda Blondeau, who is moving to Phoenix (and we’re going to miss her)! Second, David Smith’s current Board term is up and he is seeking reelection. We asked our candidates a few questions to better inform you about the election choices. 

The two candidates, Laura Wolf Richardson and David Smith. Read below their answers and follow the link at the end to the voting page. (By bylaws voting is only allowed for paying CAT members, so you will need to login first).

What parts of the CATs mission do you feel particularly drawn to or well-suited to help with?

Laura: The part of the CATs mission statement that speaks to me the most is inclusivity and that idea of welcoming all types of runners. I’ve never felt anything but supported by those around me at CAT group runs, races, and events. I’ve found a network of amazing individuals to run with, socialize with, and get great running tips from. It really is a great community of runners! Additionally, I am passionate about “developing and maintaining a high quality trail network” and would love to see further development of new trails in the area.

David: I am a big fan of being part of our community and connecting the community to trails, both in and around Charlottesville, and in the wonderful Blue Ridge Mountains! I also love the social part. I have met some of my best friends through CATs and the trail running community.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about the CATs?


Laura: The group runs! I first really got connected with the CATs in the 2017 50K Training Program. This was an incredible opportunity to challenge myself with a longer distance event. 2017 Promiseland was my first Ultra. The structure of the group runs, information sessions, plus the relationship you guys have with Crozet Running and the knowledge they bring is just amazing. The CATs made me fall in love with long-distance running! Then there’s also the shorter options like Tuesday night Biscuit Runs and Sunday Sixer. It’s just great that there’s something for everyone.

David: The best thing about CATs is that it is open and welcoming to ALL trail runners , including fast and slow, old and young, and from a wide set of backgrounds

What is (at least) one thing that could be improved with the CATs?


Laura: To support the part of our mission to maintain a high quality trail network, I’d like to see us team up with CAMBC for some trail work days and bring a CAT presence to trail work scene.

David: I would love to increase the diversity of the trail running community, including maybe extending something like “Run These Streets” to trails. I would love to open these great experiences with nature to individuals that might not otherwise have an opportunity to learn about trails and trail running.


What other comments or background can you give us that could be helpful to CAT members when they vote?

Laura: I’ve always loved running, particularly trail running. When I got linked up with the CATs in 2017, it gave me access to so much more in the trail running world! I’ve expanded both my physical trail network and network of trail friends. I am adventurous in that I love exploring new trails and terrain, but I also enjoy running some of the same old routes. I would love to put my energy into working with a group of like minded people and help the CATs continue their mission.

David: I am a co-founder of the CATs and so have been with the club since the beginning. I love working with the other great members of the board and want to see the CATs continue to grow and be relevant to the community. And I’m a good board representative for the middle or back of the pack running! 🙂


Please cast your vote here (paying CAT members only):

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