A Trail Work Evening

After this week’s Sunday Sixer (look at this awesome group!),

Thomas was generous enough to join me for some trail work on the Rivanna Trail. I’ve got a goal of making the section from Quarry Park to the Woolen Mills runnable this summer – before all the weeds die of natural causes for the winter. I want to be able to run through and feel reasonably confident that I won’t get poison ivy (or rub up against too many thorns, itchy grass, nettles, …).

I’ve gone out a few scattered times, and was pleased to find that the sections I’d already done didn’t look too bad. This means we mostly got to start where I left off:

I actually did go backwards from here, for a short stretch, trying to tear some ivy up by the roots. While I was at it, Thomas made great progress:

You can actually see the rocks, if you try to run through!

All tolled, we’re about 50-100 yards closer to the Woolen Mills than when we started. I’m optimistic that the section we’re on is one of the rougher sections, and future trips will cover more ground. Here’s where we left off:

Despite being sunny and nearly 90℉, we were mostly working in the shade, so it really wasn’t too bad. That said, the creek sure did look like a tempting place for a dip:

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