50K Training Program Kickoff!

50K Training ProgramUltras can seem like an impossible feat, but with a great plan and persistence you can do it. Join us Wednesday January 10th at Crozet Running at 7pm.to learn more about the 3rd annual Cats/Crozet Running 50K Training Program, and to connect with fellow trail runners. 

The 16-week training program will finish with our chosen “goal” race, the Promise Land 50k, which takes place on Saturday April 28th in the beautiful mountains just west of Lynchburg, Virginia. 

The Jan 10th meeting will be a relaxed, encouraging, informative session. Crozet Running owner and CATs board member John Andersen will discuss an intro on trail running, training for and racing trail ultras, and also some thoughts/pointers on getting faster. We will close with an open Q&A time to answer any questions you may have. 

The goal of this program, mostly, is to “unlock the mysteries” of trail running. For those of us who are veterans of the sport, it’s “just running, but in the woods”. However we realize for those who have never run on trails, it can be intimidating to consider just a short trail run, let alone attempting a longer race. 

This program is overall geared towards runners who have never run a trail ultramarathon, but there will likely be plenty of great information for experienced runners of any level. 

**There is no requirement to have ever run a road marathon before. However, for the Promise Land race on April 28th, you should be running fairly consistently right now and be able to run 12-13 miles on a long run. We are happy to discuss further your specific running mileage and training and make sure all goals are realistic.**

2 thoughts on “50K Training Program Kickoff!

  1. Karen Kossin

    Do you have any training programs for shorter distances? I am currently running 3 miles but trying to increase the distance and would like to run the park to park marathon this year. What do you suggest?

    1. Christian Dahlhausen

      We don’t have any half-marathon training programs at the moment but will start a new one in the summer.
      You may send an email to the mailing list of Facebook group to get more info. A common rule of thumb is not to increase mileage by more than 10% per week to avoid possible injuries.

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