2015 OH!lly 5K Race Results and Pictures

Ohilly Temp 3

The inaugural running of the OH!lly 5K, part of the Charlottesville Summer Trail Running Series, was a big success! We had great weather, a superb start/finish location, wonderful race volunteers, and a total of approximately 115 runners! Wow!


I want to let the pictures and race results do the talking (follow the links below).I will just say that I had a blast!

David C. Smith, OH!lly 5K Race Director

7 thoughts on “2015 OH!lly 5K Race Results and Pictures

  1. AvatarBob Clouston

    Great work David, and everyone else who had a hand in this! I think I could’ve used a few more details on the pre-race course description though! 😉

  2. AvatarDavid Smith Post author

    Next time, I’ll take 20-30 minutes for the description and employ teaching aids like illustrative charts. Maybe we could even have a course quiz before race start!

  3. AvatarBob Clouston

    And I agree, the best part was seeing all the new faces! Hope to see more at the next race! Eventually we’ll take them out to the Priest/3 Ridges and see who lives.

  4. AvatarPaul

    I like that if you go through all the “powerlines” pics from start to finish, the smiles on the runners get progressively bigger. Something to be said for being a back-of-the-packer.

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