Crozet Running 5k

Crozet Running Trail 5K 2016 Race Results:


2 thoughts on “Crozet Running 5k

  1. Nate Pedder

    I signed up for the trail running series, and I wanted to sign up with a team, but it never gave me the team option. I understand the other members of my team signed up following a different link (from the crozet running trail 5k race) rather than from the series which included a team sign up. Is there a way I can be added to my team? Or an email address I can contact?

    1. Christian Dahlhausen


      We actually didn’t set up a team option with the Summer Series sign-up I think but we could definitely do that. Let me check back with our board and get back to you. In the meanwhile, what is your team name?


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