CAT Membership Benefits

  • Support your community and club
    • We encourage an active life style for everyone. Our events draw a growing crowd of active people of all ages. Lots of families take part in our Summer Series and other events. This is not possible without the dedicated support of volunteers. By supporting the club as a paying member you support the volunteers and our mission. Being a paying member is no pre-requisite in taking part of events. Most of our events are open to all community members.
  • 10% at Crozet Running
    • Just go to Crozet Running and receive an automatic discount of 10% on all merchandise. Your CAT membership discount is stored in their cash register.
  • 15% at Running Warehouse
    • When you shop at Running Warehouse as a CAT member you are eligible for 15% on all merchandise. Find the discount code on your membership confirmation page.
  • Board meetings
      • We like to hear from our members and encourage you to be involved in YOUR club. You are welcome to attend any board meetings. In order to keep our meetings efficient we ask you to only chime in at the end of the meeting or anytime during public board meetings. We are planning to have as many public board meetings as possible. If you have feedback, suggestions or questions you can always email us at board [at]