New Years Rendezvous Run

Resolution Rendezvous Run
January 1, 8am, Sugar Hollow Reservoir
The annual CAT New Years Day Resolution Rendezvous Run will start at 0800 on New Years Day. We will run/hike up to the summit of Blackrock and meet up with our Harrisonburg brethren around 9:45am, then head north together on the AT for a tour of Jones Falls, Doyle’s River, Big Run Loop, Madison Run FR, Furnace Mtn and Trayfoot Mtn Trails. An epic and perfect way to kick 2018 to the curb and celebrate new beginnings and new friends. There is spring water at Doyle’s, Dundo, and the spring beneath Blackrock parking. Here are more details about this route:
Mileage options:
Up and back to the AT ~ 10 miles�
Up and back to Blackrock: ~14�
Up and back with Doyles and Jones Falls via AT: ~ 24�
Up and back with Doyles, JF, and Big Run loop via AT ~ 27�
Up and back with Doyle’s, JF, BR loop, Madison Run FR and Furnace Mtn trail: ~ 30�
*add Trayfoot to above for ~ 38? �
Of course, this being ‘merika, you can run or hike whatever distance you desire.
- Please recheck your ID(s).
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